November 2, 2017 Catherine Hollingsworth, L.Ac.

The Many Dimensions of Pain

In my clinic every day, I see how much pain impacts peoples’ lives. Most commonly I see back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and joint pain.

Pain stops people from doing things they love, steals attention away from life and work, and drains energy. It can also bring up a lot of fear: will I ever get better? What is wrong with me? How do I fix this?

Solutions for Pain

Many times, the pharmaceutical or surgical options are less than ideal. Not only do these approaches come with significant side effects, but often the pain will return because the underlying problem has not been addressed.

For this reason, I have become passionate about treating pain. This has led me to advanced study in trigger point therapy and other methods that provide relief quickly. I like to give patients the confidence that their condition will improve, to ease that fear that their body is falling apart and they will never feel better, ever. (Trust me, I’ve been there too.)

Acupuncture: Doctor Approved!

Acupuncture works very well for pain—so well that Western medical doctors are recommending acupuncture to their patients. In comparison to opioid painkillers or surgery, acupuncture is a winning solution.

Pain can be a physical symptom of a physical problem, especially true in cases of sports injuries. Yet one of the reasons acupuncture works so well is that it also addresses the mind-body connection. Dr. John Sarno has written multiple books about the link between emotions and back pain. In his clinical experience (and in mine as well), repressed emotions may lie at the root of pain symptoms, even when MRIs show physical problems in the spine like herniated discs. While this may not be true for every patient suffering from back pain, it is important to consider.

Here’s what I have found to be true: even with an obvious recent injury or repetitive strain, there is almost always an underlying emotional, energetic, or lifestyle factor that created a ripe condition for the development of pain. This is especially true in cases of low back pain.

You Don’t Have to Suffer

While pain seems clear-cut, it is often a multi-layered problem. The good news is that relief almost always begins with the very first treatment. And we don’t have to solve the whole puzzle at once. Acupuncture is a process that takes time, but in comparison to the weeks, months or years patients may spend trying different solutions and suffering, I have found acupuncture to be one of the fastest ways to heal. And there are really no side effects. Just the weekly hour spent relaxing on the table.

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