Want to learn more before starting treatment? You are welcome to call me to discuss the specifics of your case, and what you might expect from treatment. You can reach me at (980) 288-4380 during business hours, or via email at any time.


New patients begin with a complete health evaluation and physical exam. At this time I will assess your condition(s) and determine the best course of treatment for you. My goal is always to give you the fastest and most effective path to true health.

Your course of treatment is individual and customized. Most patients require a minimum of 5 acupuncture treatments as a foundation. The full course of treatment varies, and monthly or seasonal treatment is helpful to maintain wellness.

First Appointment: 90 minutes, $135
Follow-Up Appointments: 60 minutes, $95
5 Treatment Package: $450

Trigger Point Therapy

I offer trigger point therapy (also known as dry needling) for musculoskeletal injury and strain, including sports injuries, recent physical strain and long-standing chronic muscular pain. Trigger point therapy is a type of acupuncture – you can request this service at your treatment.

Children's Acupuncture

I offer brief, gentle acupuncture treatment suitable for children (up to 12 years old). I use very fine, nearly painless techniques that are comfortable for children yet effective for many common complaints. No initial evaluation appointment required for children.

30 minutes, $65

Intuitive Readings

We will explore the energetic roots of symptoms and life challenges, and assist you in rebalancing physically and emotionally. Gain insight and clarity, and let go of old baggage you’ve been carrying. You may choose to focus your session on reading or healing. By phone

1 hour, $135
My virtual services will be the same cost as in-person services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is an effective, natural way to rebalance your body. I will do a full review of your symptoms and goals, and recommend a highly customized herbal solution for you. Consultations also available via video call.

30 minutes, $65

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