New patients begin with an initial evaluation. I will do a full examination and health interview, which includes your health history and current symptoms. You will receive a customized treatment plan, as well as recommendations for diet, exercise and daily habits that will support your goals. I may also suggest additional types of therapy as needed. Most patients require a minimum of 5-10 treatments as a foundation. You may also continue with weekly or monthly well care visits.

New Patient Appointment
Includes Initial Evaluation + 1st Acupuncture Treatment
1.5 hours, $145

Acupuncture Treatment
1 hour, $95
Package of 5 Treatments: $450 ($90 each)
New patients can use package for first appointment for extra savings!

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Trigger Point Dry Needling

I offer this type of acupuncture for musculoskeletal injury and strain, including sports injuries, recent physical strain and long-standing chronic muscular pain. This is a very effective and fast-acting orthopedic solution. I will suggest this type of therapy to patients who I believe will benefit from it. You may also request trigger point dry needling during your acupuncture appointment.

Children's Acupuncture

I offer brief, gentle acupuncture treatment suitable for children of any age. I use very fine, nearly painless techniques that are comfortable for children yet effective for many common complaints. No initial evaluation appointment required for children.

Children’s Acupuncture
30 minutes, $65

Intuitive Readings

Using intuition, I will read you as an “energy body” or spirit in present time to locate thought patterns, emotions, or energies that are not serving you. This is often helpful in the case of unusual or persistent symptoms, when stress is affecting your health, or when you want to gain perspective on your life. Information gained can be both enlightening and healing, and I can offer energetic healing in this intuitive space as well. Available in person (Miami), or by phone (US and international).

Intuitive Reading
1 hour, $145
30 minutes, $95

Ear Acupuncture and Ear Seeds

I offer simple, low cost treatments that focus just on the ear. Ear acupuncture (also called auricular acupuncture) is effective for a wide variety of health complaints and has proven benefits for anxiety, addiction and trauma recovery among many other health goals. Ear seeds are a needle-free alternative that uses small gold beads attached with adhesive tape and are a well-known aid for weight loss and general wellbeing.

Ear Acupuncture
30 minutes, $65

Ear Seeds
15 minutes, $25

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