Want to learn more before starting treatment? You are welcome to call me to discuss the specifics of your case, and what you might expect from treatment. You can reach me at 786-535-0945 during business hours, or via email at any time.


New patients begin with a complete health evaluation and physical exam. At this time I will assess your condition(s) and determine the best course of treatment for you. My goal is always to give you the fastest and most effective path to true health.

Your course of treatment is individual and customized. Most patients require a minimum of 5 acupuncture treatments as a foundation. The full course of treatment varies, and monthly or seasonal treatment is helpful to maintain wellness.

New Patient Appointment
Includes initial evaluation + 1st acupuncture treatment
1.5 hours, $145

Acupuncture Treatment
1 hour, $95
Package of 5 Treatments: $450 ($90 each)
New patients can use package for first appointment for extra savings.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

I offer trigger point therapy (also known as dry needling) for musculoskeletal injury and strain, including sports injuries, recent physical strain and long-standing chronic muscular pain. This type of acupuncture is included in your standard acupuncture appointment, when needed. You can also request trigger point therapy for muscle tension and pain.

Trigger Point Dry Needling
1 hour, $95

Children's Acupuncture

I offer brief, gentle acupuncture treatment suitable for children (up to 12 years old). I use very fine, nearly painless techniques that are comfortable for children yet effective for many common complaints. No initial evaluation appointment required for children.

Children’s Acupuncture
30 minutes, $65

Herbal Medicine

For some conditions, herbal medicine is the recommended front line of treatment. I will direct you to herbal medicine after your New Patient Evaluation, if I believe this is the best route for you. Cost of herbs is additional, and varies based upon your prescription and dosage.

Herbal Consultations
30 min, $65

Intuitive Readings

Using intuition, I read the energy of your spirit in present time. I see you in symbols and images like a dream, to help you sift through your thoughts and feelings, connect with your own highest truth, see your life from a new perspective and clear energies and influences that are no longer serving you. This is particularly useful in times of transition. Available in person (Miami), or by phone (US and international).

Intuitive Reading
1 hour, $145
30 minutes, $95

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