April 25, 2019 Catherine Hollingsworth, A.P.

New Service: Intuitive Readings

Hope in the palm

I am happy to announce that I am now offering intuitive readings, either in-person or over the phone, in addition to my acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments.

Existing patients can take advantage of this new service, and now, those who don’t live in Miami can get help too. You do not need to be physically present in my clinic to receive an intuitive consultation—the information is just as clear from a distance.

Acupuncture is in many ways a very physical medicine. I can help people with everyday aches and pains, anxiety, stress and physical discomfort. This is the foundation of my work here at Red Sage.

However, I have found over time that for some patients, a piece of the healing puzzle is still missing. Maybe some symptoms keep coming back, or I am finding that something is keeping them from fully healing. And my goal here is to either help my patients feel better or refer them out to someone who can. To do this, I need as much information as possible.

Many times, this means we need to look further beyond the physical body, into the energetics of a person’s life. This means going deep in search of the emotional core or belief system that is causing physical or emotional symptoms.

Yet here is the challenge: most of the time it is difficult for us to see what is really bothering us. If we knew, we might not be feeling bad in the first place! These types of emotions and belief systems might lie deep in our subconscious, yet they can affect us in very physical ways. I cannot uncover these types of issues just by talking with a patient. Together, we must look inside.

I have also seen with some patients that their home or work environment is the source of their issues, which I cannot directly treat using acupuncture, and I cannot see from their presence in my clinic. But I can see these things from the intuitive perspective.

The benefits for you are many:

• Uncover hidden emotions or beliefs

• Determine what people, situations, energetics or environments are impacting you

• View your body and life from a different perspective

• Gain information about your spirit, life purpose, current challenges and goals

• See yourself as you really are

Each reading is also a healing. Sometimes just by seeing yourself from the intuitive perspective, you will experience concrete shifts in your body, mind and spirit. And if healing is your goal, we can directly look for and release energetic blockages in and around your space.

More and more people within medical institutions recognize that our emotions and beliefs affect our bodies and our capacity for healing. Just on the most basic level, stress is a main contributor to diseases of all kinds. And increasingly I have seen a need for this type of work. So I am happy to offer this to you, dear patients. Please feel free to contact me to learn more, or to book a session.

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