March 19, 2020 Catherine Hollingsworth, L.Ac.

Life in the Time of Coronavirus

I keep coming back to this: what is the gift in this moment?

As a small business owner it could be a scary moment. But for me personally it doesn’t feel right to scramble for a way to stay afloat or get creative with new business ideas. That’s how most of us have been living day to day, fighting for survival and struggling to meet obligations, and it can be painful. It can create disease and disorder. I realize that I don’t want to live this way.

Instead, I am feeling called into retreat. I find that in this quiet I feel Mother Nature calling me to open my awareness. I’m noticing plants at my feet that are powerful medicines. I am feeling the embrace of what I can only call the life energy that comes from the earth. I am realizing the madness of the usual constant noise because it is absent. I have the opportunity to truly hear, feel and know the nature of my own spirit. I have nothing to lose in totally letting go and being held by the universe.

For me, these are the gifts of this moment. Not to build or create, but to rest and be quiet. It is from this place that I remain of service to my community, to you.

I guess if there is a suggestion to share, it is this: do what feels right, not from a place of fear but a place of peaceful receiving, and let it be okay. We will all gain something from this moment, so I hope that you find the gift that’s in it for you. Whatever that may be.

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