July 6, 2021 Catherine Hollingsworth, L.Ac.

FAQ: Does It Hurt?

This might be the number one question that new patients ask: does acupuncture hurt? Before trying acupuncture, many people are fearful of needles, and it’s a fair question to ask.

I’m here to assure you that acupuncture is not scary or painful at all. In fact when training as an acupuncturist, we were taught to needle a balloon without popping it!

As a practitioner I also take care to work with you as gently as possible with techniques and tools that maximize your comfort. I use the most painless needles available, which are about the thickness of a hair. My patients say the sensation is like a tiny bug bite or gentle pinch and sometimes you will feel almost nothing at all.

Because acupuncture is so gentle, I am able to treat even young children and those who are needle-phobic. I even treat myself sometimes!

The reward for you is a gentle, elegant and powerful form of medicine that can heal even longstanding pain, imbalance and distress that other medicines cannot seem to fix. I happen to think it’s the most gentle form of medicine out there!


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