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Mind & Body Balance

The Elements of Health

Red Sage Acupuncture Center in Miami, FL offers natural solutions for health in mind and body.

When you are feeling bad, are in pain, or have high stress, my whole person approach can help you restore and protect your health from the inside out.

Emotional Health

I use effective holistic techniques to treat stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Choose an alternative path to feeling better, without side effects. I can support your emotional health and personal growth, whether you are feeling bad or simply want to maintain your wellness. Yes, acupuncture can do that! LEARN MORE >>

Physical Pain

Pain is a signal from your body that something is out of balance or an injury has taken place. Get effective relief from a wide range of common pain symptoms: back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, TMJ, headaches, and other types of muscle, tendon, joint and nerve complaints. LEARN MORE>>

Internal Imbalance

When we are out of balance, any body system can be affected: overall energy, sleep, digestion, breathing, circulation, urination, nervous system, immune system, sleep, and hormonal cycles. Get back to feeling your best. LEARN MORE >>


Discover health from the inside out.


The Clinic

A Quiet Healing Space

The clinic has two private treatment rooms, and while you are here, the focus is on you. Your care is entirely customized and I am dedicated to helping you feel your best each time you visit. I use very gentle techniques to give you a comfortable, soothing treatment experience.

Effective Natural Medicine

I offer gentle, holistic treatments for a wide range of physical and emotional health goals.

No matter what your symptoms are, I take the big picture of your life into consideration. The body can affect the mind, and vice versa, so my intention is always to treat you as a whole person. I have found this to be the best way to create lasting healing.

Not sure what you need? You are welcome to contact me to discuss the specifics of your case.



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