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The clinic has reopened to serve you, with your health and wellbeing in mind.

Here are some of the current safety protocols for clinic visitors:

• Appointments will be spaced out to avoid overlap of patients. You may text me upon arrival and wait outside or in your car until your appointment time. I will meet you at the front door and bring you directly to the clinic room at your appointment time.

• You and I will wear a mask. The table and common surfaces will be sanitized between all patients. As always, sheets and pillowcases are changed between patients.

• Please do not come to the clinic if you have any respiratory symptoms, or have been in proximity to an infected person. Cancellation fees will be waived if you need to cancel last minute.


I am pleased to offer a full range of holistic services for both physical and emotional conditions including:

• Stress, Anxiety & Mental Health
• Physical Pain
• Body System Imbalances

All of my treatments are designed to address both mind and body aspects of your symptoms. Why? Because your state of mind affects your body and vice versa. Are you ready to feel better? Book online or contact the clinic today!

Stress & Anxiety

Are emotions running your life? Is your stress level high? I specialize in stress, anxiety and mind-body symptoms. Choose a gentle path to wellbeing without side effects, and rediscover your best self. LEARN MORE >>

Physical Pain

Get effective relief from acute injury and chronic pain: muscular pain and strain, nerve pain, tingling or numbness, joint pain, headaches, menstrual pain and other physical complaints. Start feeling better today. LEARN MORE>>

Internal Imbalance

Feeling off? Are you having physical symptoms that get worse with stress, anxiety or overwork? When you’re out of balance, any body system can be affected. Get back to health with gentle holistic treatment. LEARN MORE >>


Discover health from the inside out.


About Catherine

Catherine A. Hollingsworth, A.P.

Catherine, owner and acupuncturist at Red Sage Acupuncture Center, is a board certified, licensed acupuncture physician. She is focused on healing both body with a specialty in mental and emotional health.

She earned a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Brown University and a Masters of Oriental Medicine from the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture. The 3-year Masters in Oriental medicine included extensive training in acupuncture, herbs, and anatomy and physiology.

Her training is based on the Five Element Acupuncture tradition, a rare and elegant form of acupuncture which treats the spirit directly. She thinks of her treatments as tuning a person’s energy system for health on all levels, like an instrument is tuned to make harmonious sound.

Beyond her Five Element training, Catherine did additional post-graduate training in trigger point dry needling as well as intuition and energy medicine. She serves as visiting faculty at the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, and has published writing for Acupuncture Today and other local and national publications.

She is pleased to offer acupuncture, herbal medicine and intuitive consultations at Red Sage Acupuncture Center.

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